NEWS 10 April, 2017

Do you know why lightpipes give so much daylight? Do you know if lightpipes in your projects are well dimensioned ? DEPLOCAL is your solution


It’s clear that lightpipes is a product well introduced in the construction markets since some years. Tubular skylights add a quality value to homes and buildings than some years ago was not possible. But technically speaking Daylight is very difficult to calculate and control, too many variables take place .

In Espacio Solar we have tried since 17 years ago, to make calculation easy and fast if you use our DEPLOSUN Systems. DEPLOCALC is a software available in our website, that will give you Lumen and Lux given by DEPLOSUN following simple instructions. Natural light every months and every hour of the years depnding also on the latitude your project is located.

Try , and if you need help don’t hesitate to contact us in

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