In order to acces new markets and opportunities, being able to open new Deplosun daylighting systems distributors is one of the most important efforts of Espacio Solar's sales department. Deplosun sunpipes and skylights reflectors are present in tree continents, and we are proud to bring this energy saving technology around the worold.
Find out all the news about Deplosun daylighting systems distributors.

DISTRIBUTORS 20 September, 2017


  DEPLOSUN Tubular skylights are present since May 2017 in The Benelux via DEPLOSUN Benelux¬†, a company based near Amsterdam. This is a company is 100% dedicated to daylighting projects. We have started important projects during last months, some of them oriented to our DEPLOSUN FLAT TOP, an innovative product for the Benelux, that opens new applications in the green construction market. Please visit their websites in BENELUX: Luxemburg: www.deplosun.lu Netherlands: www.deplosun.nl Belgium: www.deplosun.be. Thanks for the confidence in DEPLOSUN…

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DEPLOSUN Tubular Skylights in ITALY ? Yes we are present via Italian distributor ECOSOLUX

Since 2014, DEPLOSUN is present with Tubular Skylights in Italy via ECOSOLUX, a Milan based Company, 100% dedicated to daylighting projects. Massimiliano Borsela is the general manager and has more than 10 years of experience in dyalighting. We have done many important projects during past years, in all markets: industrial , residential, public. If you have any need in Italy please contact the through the website www.ecosolux.it…

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DISTRIBUTORS 10 April, 2017


Lightpipes are already a standard product in Portugal and SUNEFFECTS has decided to introduce a new website , with more easy and understanding information. As you can see DEPLOSUN LIGHTPIPES are one of the cores business in their portfolio of products. On the past 2 years we have done in Portugal very important industrial buildings, like the New Bodum Warehouse for Portguese market , and one of the new IKEAS shops in Lolue. take a look to the new website:…

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